by The Rye Boys

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released April 5, 2014



all rights reserved


The Rye Boys Dallas, Texas

Be nicer to strangers and the ones you love.

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Track Name: Lucy Song
if i lie awake she can sing me to sleep
and when she not around there aint no need to dream
the two of us live a life out on the run
sometimes i think shed be better off with the younger sons

she don't care at all if i come home late
and she never seems to mind if i don't know what to say
she knows i can't forget how the callus of my fingers fall across her neck
and how i hold her close and sing all the things i should have said

she asks why oh why do you write these songs
is it an attempt to right the wrong
if you've only one life to live and only go so much shit to give
why not give till its gone instead keeping at home for all your kids
Track Name: Yellabelly
I've got a yellow belly staring me down
says come on and pick me up and we can drown
all your sorrows and then come tomorrow we can do it again

I'm gonna drink until I can't see straight
i'm gonna burn all the pictures from the last three years
start a fire in the alley and dance like i'm on pcp

I've got a vicodin that's sizing me up
think that we can duke it out until the morning comes
i could sleep it off but the moon keeps screaming at me
keeps screaming at me

He says the cure to your problems isn't hiding in that drink
the only way to fix it is to change the way you think
about the world it's not so bad
why else would i have stuck around this long
Track Name: Follow Me Pt. 1
i aint go the time for you and i can't walk no lines for you
cuz i can't follow through with anything
what could i say to you what could i do to convey to you
that love don't have to go when i leave
and that i could follow you through anything
i can follow you through anything i please if it pleases me too
please me

go and find yourself fucked up on a couch next to someone else
but if you find some sleep don't you dream of me
i stay awake all night bc your in a door when i close my eyes
and as you take my hand you say follow me
then i can hear the steamboat in the street
and see the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink
and know i can't follow through on anything
Track Name: Follow Me Pt. 2
save me from myself if I'm going down
for far be it from me to stop on the ground
they've labeled me an addict for tearing myself apart
but me i still haven't got that far
see i walked around the world wearing other peoples shoes
now i can see its just me that can't follow you
Track Name: Candidate
I don't know you
but i think i want to
and i can tell by your smile you want to know me too
It'll go unspoken
and we'll keep on holding on
hoping that someday you'll be mine
but i am the worst candidate
to mend your broken heart cause i'm not whole
i can't help you or myself
the only thing i know is running away
strangers we'll be alone separately
you can have your home and i'll have mine too
one day we'll look back
or maybe we won't
time has got a way of making me forget
Track Name: Yesterday
yesterday i killed my brother cause we can't ever seem to agree
buried him under the rubble of the place where my heart used to be

Is it a sin to murder for your country
whats the use? the bible says i'm unclean
but the president assures me that god is on our side

just this morning i called my mother
she said boy we sure are proud of you
proud of what I had to wonder
cause killing gives me no sense of pride

then this evening i ran for cover
cause i can't stand to see more people die
society calls me a coward
you're goddamn right i am petrified
Track Name: Nickles & Dimes
come on one and all if you hear something you like
if what i got it aint for you keep on walking by
see i don't need your 2 sense I've got hers and I've got mine
I'm rich in opinion bitch i need your nickels and dimes

mean drugs for us to eat
means tonight we get to drink
don't mean no goddamn thing to me nickels and dimes make this world go round so i gues thats what i need

blow all you money on cheap tattoos and booze
go see a shitty band buy a tshirt or two
get stoned with your friends and throw the tv off the roof
if you don't like to party then we ain't got time for you

we tried the quiet life of working nine to five
having money in our pockets was getting pretty nice
but work is kind of boring and music's pretty fun
so let's pass around the tip jar and you can give to us
Track Name: Misery Keeps
He’d been running away since the day that he could walk

Been talking back since he could speak

When he learned what love was he pushed away his own

Turned to the road and to the drink, goddammit kids can be naive

So I traded all of the stars in the sky

For a couple of months with the ones on the ground

I left my family and cut ties with most my friends

Looking for something you can only find

playing on the ground for nickels and dimes.

I wandered about with 5 strings and all my things

Played for the beggars and with the thieves

I drank their wine and they smoked my cigarettes

And they said never say good bye before you leave.

I found down here at the train station the folks that look around

Have the same look on their face that I’ve on mine right now

No I don’t got to get away, see I’ve already found my place and

tonight its drinking myself to sleep alone on a runaway train.

I don’t know much but I know one day I will die,

One day they’ll list some things I done

To a room half full of people I barely knew

Hey, so it goes, halleluiah

on the ground down here

My misery keeps good company

We’ll waste our last two cents over something to drink

And you may not care much for how we do or say

But we know that we don’t have tomorrow the way we have today.
Track Name: Aeroplane
If I were an aeroplane I’d fly up to the atmosphere, my wings would take me there

they'd abandon me on the way home, a shuttle with no way to float, that's all I’ve ever been

have you heard

I'm a dreamer

have you heard

I’m a sleepwalking man

if I were a painted sign I’d scream it from the highest heights there's nowhere left to go

so you should just stay home

my colors they would fade away slowly turn to black and grey that's all I’ve ever been


if I were a barroom I’d still let you dance all over me wear holes right in your shoes
Track Name: Mama
Mama I know I told you that I'd be good

we both know I said I’d be lots of things I never could

you know I never meant to break no thing by lying

I just thought that i might never run out of time

now I’m marking every minute right down til the day I die

and before I go what I need you to know is I loved ya

now I’m dancin like the first flame in a fire

we burn amber and ember all through the night

I never was too scared to leave my mind behind

from what I cold take away you think I lost it all the time

and so I’ll write us a catchy chorus to sing to hell

because I learned you cant get nowhere without help

and when I make it down there I won’t sing by myself

but before I do what I need from you is your love

ain’t nothing out there worth finding if you cant

go out and find it for yourself

you may burn some bridges waking up out on park benches

maybe someone on the other side will have a story to tell when we all go to hell.
Track Name: Yard's on Fire
The yard's on fire from the night before and the water's not been working for a week or so

The check left on the table says it's been returned so we'll sit out on the driveway and just watch it burn

This is not how I pictured myself at 23 years old but we can't all be homeowners with pockets lined with gold

I’m feeling sentimental for my teenage years when my biggest complications were my closest peers

and to get a place to party where the cops won't find where maybe I'd get lucky and for sure I'd get high

but I can't go back to my youth and I don't think I would

though times are hard right now

I'm still my own man without direction or a purpose

I make a living being lost out in the world

the amenities aren't much and the pay sure does suck but I've got nothing left to lose

The letters in my mailbox lined with dollar signs every time I get caught up I fall right back behind

if a pink slip means I've got a week to pay my bills then I'll head up to the bar and try to score some pills

when reality stops by in the morning it can be a bitch

so I'll sleep until the afternoon and prove that I'm a

Give me a paycheck
Track Name: Good Time
I've got a dollar in my wallet and a pocket full of chainsaws

get to steady rollin’ cause I like to keep a movin’ on

show me that you're worth it before I have to up and leave

‘cause if there is a good time it's where I wanna be

if there is a good time it's where I wanna be

I wanna shoot some bottle rockets at some folks who don't know me

I wanna listen to a story about a place I’ve never been

if you've got a problem with me I’ll be leavin’ soon again

i once knew a girl named lady she had freckles on her nose

slept backwards in the bed with the pillows to her toes

was looking for suggestions then one day she came to me

I said if there is a good time it's where I wanna be

if there is a good time it's where I wanna be

I wanna shoot some bottle rockets at some folks who don't know me

I wanna listen to a story about a place I’ve never been

if you've got a problem with me I’ll be leavin’ soon again

I was walking through the alley and I found this pretty rock

I thought that you could keep it in the drawer with your socks

if you don't really like it then I’ll try to understand

but you should reconsider ‘cause I picked it with my hand

well pickin’ with my hand is my favorite thing

you can do it in the garden or with guitar strings

we can pick together in the penitentiary

if there is a good time it's where I wanna be

if there is a good time it's where I wanna be

I wanna shoot some bottle rockets at some folks who don't know me

I wanna listen to a story about a place I’ve never been

if you've got a problem with me I’ll be leavin’ soon again